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Energy Semi-Conductor Litigation

Over 20 years engineering experience in design, parts supply, reliability, yield and failure analysis. A global company with presence in the USA, China, Europe & India

Renewable Energy

This area is catching the imagination of people world over. Climate change, global warming, carbon emissions and human growth have been scientifically indicated to intervene in the fragile global ecosystems. Glacier melts acceleration; rain forests depletion and top soil erosion are some current status that is prompting change to a more sustainable planet.

We are the forefront of this technology to bring about Life Cycle Energy Strategies for organizations that wish to reduce the carbon footprint and help towards sustainable energy resources.

Government subsidy, job creation and economic stimulus in the renewable energy industry are spurring unprecedented growth and opportunities.

Medical Electronics

High cost to productize medical devices, push towards higher medical image digitization and commoditization of analog IP technologies are engines for change.

With over 200 Silicon proven Intellectual Property (GDS ready) designs available and over 100 people supporting specialization of analog designs we can work with you to understand needs and build an analog engineering team that provides the best solution at the lowest lead time and price.